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Bodhidharma, born in Sri Lanka some five hundred years after Jesus Christ, was the third son of King of the Indian region. At eight years of age could be said that she already had the Satori. Here's why.

One day, his teacher, a renowned monk named Hanny Tara, the king received a rock invaluable.

The teacher asked the three principles.
- You know something more valuable than this stone in our world?
The eldest prince replied.
-Only you, master, receive this gift, is in possession of the most beautiful treasure of the earth.

The second principle also responded.
-While all seek in our lives, we can not find a stone in our world it will compare.

Bodhidharma, who was then eight years, said in turn.
- And a real treasure, a priceless treasure, but this world is a treasure, a treasure common. So I think our true wisdom is aa great value. Compreeder the value of the treasure is also a form of wisdom, however, it lacks depth knowledge, understanding that the diamond and precious stone, of a value greater than one glass, and social wisdom.

And Bodhidharma wrapped up.
-The real wisdom is to understand ourselves to ourselves.

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